The Chronicle of the Coda Reborn takes place on the world of Toren, on the Plane of Tomoresse (otherwise known to many as the Prime Material Plane). The First Age, or Age of Heroes, ended with the defeat of Aiden and the god’s retreat beyond the plane to their celestial homes.

At the dawn of the Second Age, or Rising Age, the Kingdom of Aarcrest become a powerful empire and consolidated the scattered races, peoples, and cities. However, old rivalries could not be stamped out and the Saint’s War lead to the destruction of the kingdom. So followed a period of dark ages in the world.

The Armis Empire eventually rose as a successor state and conquered much of the continents of Lomass and Mayden. A fluorescence of art, trade, and diplomacy was seen for the next few hundred years, but the empire grew corrupt and fell from within in the year 263 A.E.. Traces of the empire can be seen in many cities and in the Armis Empire Calender (noted as A.E.).

It is now the year 482 A.E. and new dangers are being seen in the world.

Chronicle of the Coda Reborn